Please note that the information shared here is exclusively for participants of Project "Alles gurgelt" (before: Schutzschild).


Simple and safe

Each test set comes with instructions. You can also read them here. Follow the instructions included in the test kit. Register on the WebApp by entering the sample number. Once you have registered, you will receive a personalised barcode that can be used to collect test sets again and again. Follow the instructions in the WebApp and perform the test. Hand in your PCR gargle test at any REWE branch in Vienna (Billa, Merkur, BIPA and Penny as well as at the petrol station shops BP-Merkur Inside, Jet-Billa Stop & Shop, SHELL-Billa Unterwegs). Receive your result by e-mail within 24 hours - if you hand it in before 9 am.  You can find the nearest drop-off point here in the city map.

Brief overview

  1. Register and get your barcode
  2. Pick up a free test set (maximum 4 pieces) at any BIPA shop in Vienna.
  3. Register at by entering the sample number. Follow the instructions and perform the test.
  4. Test yourself regularly - it can be gargled or rinsed.
  5. Hand in your PCR gargle test at any REWE shop in Vienna (Billa, Merkur, BIPA and Penny as well as at the petrol station shops BP-Merkur Inside, Jet-Billa Stop & Shop, SHELL-Billa Unterwegs).
  6. Receive your results within 24 hours - if handed in before 9 a.m. - by e-mail. Samples are collected twice a day (9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm).

About the test procedure

How do I apply the test set?


Is this an anti-body test?

No. The evaluation by means of the PCR procedure indicates whether the test person currently has a Covid 19 disease. An antibody test is used to examine the immunity that is built up by the body after a COVID-19 disease.

What is a PCR procedure?

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method amplifies the DNA obtained from a smear. Subsequently, even the smallest amounts of virus can be detected - before the patient notices the first symptoms. The PCR method is considered reliable, the "gold standard" among testing methods and has established itself internationally.

Is the test officially recognized?

Yes, the test kit complies with all legal requirements of the COVID-19 entry regulation of 05.01.2021. In addition, this test procedure is also used by the City of Vienna and other institutions; the process by means of throat rinsing has been pronounced as a recommended procedure by the WHO.  

Can I also go to the hairdresser/etc. with the test result and is this therefore recognised as an "entrance test"?

Yes, this is possible. The test kit complies with all legal requirements and does not count as a home test according to the currently valid law. The product is a kit for independent sample collection at home, but the PCR test itself is carried out in a laboratory. After the evaluation of your sample, you will receive a medical laboratory report which you can use as a template. 

Can the test set be used without the WebApp and without specifying the data?

An evaluation without the use of the web app and thus without providing the data is not possible. In case of incomplete or completely missing data, the sample will not be evaluated in the laboratory.

Is proof of identity obligatory?

No, proof of identity is not mandatory. However, you will only receive a medical report and a certificate with proof of identity. Without proof of identity, you only get the information whether positive or negative. 

Can I drink or eat something immediately before the test?

Yes, this is not a problem. It is not necessary to brush your teeth, but it is advisable not to return any coarse food residues with the sample.

How safe is the test?

The highest possible quality standards for testing are applied. The PCR tests are carried out exclusively in certified partner laboratories that have been inspected by independent government testing agencies and thus provide very reliable results.

With which point in time is the validity of the finding or the certificate calculated?

The time of sample collection is used to calculate the validity period. So if you have taken the sample on Monday at 08:00, the result of your test is valid retroactively from that time. We therefore recommend that you give up the sample promptly after taking it. 

Can I also test my children?

There is no age restriction. As soon as a child can rinse their mouth with a saline solution and spit through the transfer tube into the buffer tube, they can perform the test.  

How long can I store the sample?

In principle, the sample can be stored for up to 7 days. However, in the interest of rapid result delivery, the test set should be returned as soon as possible.

Can I also send the sample directly to the laboratory by post?

No, this option does not exist. Please only bring your sample to one of the BIPA locations in Vienna. 

I have swallowed the saline solution or the buffer solution in the test tube - what now?

Both ingredients are safe for children, adults and pregnant women. Simply rinse your mouth.

At what point is an infection detectable by the LEAD Horizon test kits?

The time between infection and detectability is very variable due to the spread of the virus. But according to current knowledge, people are not infectious before the virus is detectable in the throat.

RKI Infektiosität

Source: Robert Koch Institut (siehe


The report states "not evaluable" - what does this mean?

A sample is "not evaluable" if the quality of the sample could not be confirmed in the test procedure. In this case, the findings are also transmitted with the note "not evaluable" and retesting is required.


Where is it possible to hand in the samples obtained?
You can hand in your test at all BIPA stores in Vienna. Alternatively - if agreed by your company - a drop-off at your company location is also possible. The samples will be collected at the location by the postal service. Ask your local contact person where the samples are collected at the company.


We have received a shipment without a seal sticker or there is no sticker in the test-set. Can I still hand in the sample?

Yes, the sample can be delivered without a seal sticker. This is a new version of the test-sets by LEAD Horizon. These boxes are self-closing and therefore no longer require the stickers.


Legal issues:

What happens if my test result is positive and I am therefore infected with the coronavirus?

In case of a positive result, the tested person is notified via WebApp. As the laboratories are obliged by law to notify the health authorities, the client is automatically notified. Please remain in self-isolation until the competent authority is contacted. 

How does the confirmation for authorities work exactly? What do I have to do?

Laboratories are required by law to report both positive and negative results to the EMS. As soon as you test positive, the competent district administrative authority will contact you.

Does this test count as confirmation for foreign travel, business appointments, ...?

The test meets the highest medical standards, is painless and complication-free and is evaluated in a certified laboratory using a PCR method. It complies with the specifications defined in the legal text. Upon request, a certificate can also be issued as official confirmation with authorities. 

How long do I wait for my test result?

The result is delivered via WebApp (website) within 24 hours of receipt by the laboratory. 

Is the test only good for 30 days or why does it have to be done within 30 days?

For quick results, the test must be done within 30 days. This ensures that the test return does not exceed the laboratory capacity. 

I did not make an identity proof or the identity proof was canceled. Will my test still be evaluated?

Proof of identity is recommended if you need a certificate from LEAD Horizon confirming that you took the test with your picture and ID (e.g. for confirmation at the border). However, you will also receive a result and medical report directly from the lab if you skip the proof of identity or if it was canceled.

What is the difference between the certificate and the medical report?

The medical report of the laboratory is the most important and indispensable document. This document is obligatory.
The certificate, which includes and requires proof of identity, is another service offered by the test kit provider to prove that it was really this person who performed the test. Optimally, one should carry both. In most cases, however, the test result should be sufficient.


About IT:

How do I find the WebApp? Where do I download it?

You can find our WebApp directly via the internet at

What is a QR Code and where can I find the QR Code to scan?

A QR code is a two-dimensional version of the barcode you probably know from product packaging. It looks like a black and white pixel pattern. You will find the QR code in the packaging of the Corona self-test. After scanning it with your mobile phone camera, the WebApp will open. Of course, you can also open the website on your smartphone directly via the browser. To do so, please enter the address printed on the packaging of your test set. 

Where can I find my sample number?

You will find your sample number on the enclosure slip. This starts with LHIA. Each sample number can only be used once.

How does the identity verification take place?

The new passport scanner function has been integrated into the WebApp. Here you only have to scan your current passport and the identity verification is done. If the digital capture does not work, you have the option to click on "manual data entry“. Currently, only passports can be scanned, but no other identification documents. If you do not have a passport, please proceed without proof of identity. In this case, you will still receive a medical laboratory result, but not a certificate.
While the customer is performing the test, records (regular pictures) are taken. These are used to check against fraud. The proof of identity is printed on the certificate, which can be downloaded optionally, after the test result is received, to allow additional identification - for example by a border official.

Will my data be stored and processed?

The data will of course be treated confidentially and only stored for a maximum of 14 days in order to be able to issue a certificate if requested or to be able to carry out the obligatory notification in the event of positive test results on the basis of the Epidemics Act. Your data will be deleted after 14 days. Please read our privacy policy.  

Can BIPA view my data? Who has access to my data?

No, BIPA cannot see the data. Only the laboratory staff and LEAD Horizon have access to the data. As data protection is very important to us, we have a maximum data retention period of 14 days. After that, the data is deleted. 

How do I get a medical report?

Our partner laboratory Lifebrain delivers findings via their findings portal. Once the results are available, you will receive an email with a link where you can retrieve the medical report by entering your mobile phone number (two-stage authentication). The findings can only be retrieved via this portal and will not be sent by post. 

I have not received an email - what is the problem?

Our WebApp sends out the emails instantaneously. If you have tried to register via a company email address and do not receive an email, please contact your IT department. It could be that the firewall is blocking the sending address and/or Another possibility is that the email has ended up in the spam folder - please check this too. If several minutes have passed and there is no email in the spam or inbox folder, the reason may be that your server (e.g. GMX, Yahoo, etc.) retrieves emails at longer intervals and not permanently. In this case, please wait or select "Skip verification" in the email verification. If you have an alternative email address, please use it. 

I want to do an identity check, but my screen is black?

This is because you have not given your device permission to access the camera. You can change this in the settings of your respective device. If you are using a company device, it may also be due to the settings of your IT manager. Please contact them or use a different device.

Alternatively, you can also use the test without proof of identity. Please note that in this case you will not receive a certificate with your photo, but you will receive a medical report.

I have received two emails regarding my test results. Is this the way it is supposed to be?

You will always receive two emails, which should arrive around the same time. One contains the notice from LEAD Horizon, with the help of which you can retrieve your test result and - if you have made the proof of identity - with the possibility to download a certificate with a picture. The other contains a link from the Lifebrain laboratory with access data to download the medical report through a secure connection.

I have a foreign social security number and the input does not work. How can I fill in the data?

Check your input again. Here it is possible that you missed the hint in the WebApp. In case of foreign social security number you have to follow a certain input process: 0000+date of birth according to the scheme day/month/year (e.g. 0000241290).

I can't enter my nationality in the WebApp. What can I do?

Entering the nationality is currently not necessary in the WebApp.

I have problems with the entered phone number or I do not receive a message about the findings. What could be the reason for this?

When entering the telephone number, which is essential for the transmission of the findings, you should always ensure that you enter the correct area code (e.g. +43 or 0). If you enter your number without a prefix, you may not receive a code for downloading the findings.

I have problems with the location input. How can I make the input correctly?

Here you should pay attention to the input sequence. This means that you first enter the city, street and postal code. Then the system will automatically suggest an existing address with the help of Google. Select it and only after that you should enter, for example, door number and staircase. If you enter the door number beforehand, Google may not be able to recognize the address and will not suggest one, which may result in an error in the system.

I have not received my test result yet. What could be the reason for this?
If you have handed in your test after 9:00 (at a Viennese BIPA store or at your company), the test may not be picked up until the next day, as the pick-up times of Austrian Post are between 9:00 and 12:00. Thus, you may not receive your result until the day after next.

Another reason could be that you have not fully completed the data entry in the WebApp. You should have received an e-mail from LEAD Horizon as confirmation with the note "All done!". Only when data is fully entered a result can be delivered. For more information on emails, see the question "I didn't get an email - what's the problem?"

I cannot open the laboratory report. What should I do?

The link to the lab report leads to a PDF file. Any device that is able to open a PDF file should also be able to open the findings. If it is still not possible to open the findings on a cell phone, you can still open the e-mail on a computer and follow the link to the findings there.


For contact persons of a company

When is the delivery of the weekly quantity of test sets?

The delivery of the weekly quantity takes place on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9:00 and 17:00.

When is the collection of the obtained samples?

If agreed, samples are picked up on Mondays to Fridays between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. At this point, it is important to hand in the sample before 9:00 a.m. if it is still to go with this day's delivery. It is also necessary to hand in the sample before 9:00 a.m. if it is to be delivered to the BIPA stores in Vienna in order to receive a result the next day.

How is the quantity of test sets received calculated?

The quantity is calculated as a weekly quantity as follows: participating employees x 2 (average household size) x 2 (number of tests per week).

I cannot find my company logo on the WebApp. What should I do?

In the long run, there will be no logos on the platform after the pilot. For reasons of statistical recording, only those companies that were involved at the beginning were listed with logos during the first weeks of the pilot. Due to the capacity expansion, new logos will not be added. If you do not find your logo, please click on "None of them" in the WebApp below.

Do you have further questions about our WebApp or the process?

Then please contact us at

Do you need help with the use of the test set?

Then please call +43 1/90 223 (Hungarian/Slovak/Croatian/Bulgarian/Romanian support).