Cooperation in partnership is our credo.

What does that mean? Our partners, as independent entrepreneurs, are given the right to run their own business under the brand name LEAD Horizon, to use the know-how of LEAD Horizon and to benefit, for example, from national advertising and favourable conditions when purchasing goods. 

What does a cooperation mean in our terms?

Our partners commit themselves to fulfill the standards & tasks, e.g. strict compliance with quality standards and measures for environmental protection, the establishment of and cooperation with national laboratories, as well as sales activities in their own market. In addition, the partner contract includes the obligation to spend at least 8% of the turnover on marketing, advertising and PR. This is to be coordinated with LEAD Horizon International GmbH. Why do we make this a non-negotiable condition? Because the stronger the brand, the greater the success of the individual company. We certainly do not limit the obligations to our partners: right from the start we will support you with our knowledge and expertise.

LEAD Horizon Strategy
We are looking forward to working with you.

Get a license of LEAD Horizon International.

LEAD Horizon's smashing success in Austria is the unique proof for our competence. You are cordially invited to benefit from our expertise and experience.

How do I become a partner of LEAD Horizon?

Once we have agreed on the technicalities, we will invite to our headquarters in Vienna to meet the Management. Together we will devise a plan on how to best support you, define goals for your market and set you up with what you need for initial marketing activities. You will be given an overview on tried and tested processes, and we will set up follow-up meetings for training on the process and products for your team. 

What is the framework of the partnership?

We are giving either exclusive or non-exclusive selling rights. The conditions are depending on the respective market and will be discusses with you in initial meetings. 

Want to benefit from our expertise?

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