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How does the test work?
A WebApp will guide you through the test procedure. It works by means of self-testing: You rinse your mouth with a saline solution or gargle with it.
What sort of test is used?

This test used is a PCR test by the LEAD Horizon company. Evaluation of the COVID-19 test by means of the PCR procedure allows for the detection of even minimal amounts of the virus and before the first symptoms occur. The PCR method is considered the reliable “gold standard” among COVID-19 tests and is well established internationally.

Is the test painless?

Contrary to antigen tests, which are conducted by taking a nose or throat swab and are often experienced as unpleasant, this self-test is completely painless. The sample is taken by the tested persons themselves by gargling (or rinsing the mouth) with a saline solution.

How reliable is the test?

The test complies with the highest quality standards. The PCR tests are exclusively conducted by certified labs checked by independent, official inspection authorities, hence ensuring very reliable results.

Is the test officially recognized?

Yes, the test set corresponds to all legal requirements of the Austrian COVID-19 Entry Regulation dated 5 January 2021. The test procedure by means of throat rinsing was designated as a recommended procedure by the World Health Organization (WHO).

What is "Alles gurgelt!" about?

Regular tests are an important tool to fight COVID-19. With the “Alles gurgelt!” campaign, everyone in Vienna has the possibility of taking a PCR test for COVID-19 regularly and free of charge.

I want to become a licensee.

Please contact our sales team under following e-mail adress:, they will help you find the perfect solution.

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Here you can find user manual and instructions in Ukrainian language.

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