The simple, fast and painless test for COVID-19


Content of the test set:

Set nummeriert klein
1. mobile phone cradle
2. sample tube
3. saline solution
4. transfer tube
5. transport tubes
6. two sealing adhesives
7. holder for the test tube
8. your personal sample number
LEAD Horizon WebApp
1. open the WebApp

In our WebApp, which can be opened easily via Smartphone, Laptop/PC (with camera) or Tablet, you will be asked to insert your sample number and the date of purchase of the test set.

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2. Preparation

Our WebApp describes in detail how the test set is structured and how the sample is taken. Please take a photo identification.

LEAD Horizon Corona Test-Set
3. opening the sample tube

Please open the sample tube (2) and insert it into the holder (7) provided. Please also have your photo identification ready. 

4. preparing the smart phone/laptop

In step 4 you will be asked to place your smartphone in the mobile phone cradle (1) provided for this purpose. Alternatively, you can also use your laptop/PC with camera or a tablet. 

LEAD Horizon WebApp
5. identification by means of a badge

Im 5. Schritt wird nun ein Foto von Ihnen mit Ihrem Lichtbildausweis gemacht. Dazu halten Sie bitte Ihren Ausweis gut sichtbar in die Kamera, neben oder unter Ihrem Gesicht.

LEAD Horizon Corona Test-Set
6. opening the saline solution

In step 6, please open the saline solution and take about half of the contents into your mouth. 

LEAD Horizon WebApp
7. video recording of the rinsing process

The app prompts you to record a 60-second video of yourself as you flush. While doing so, keep your mouth closed and move the saline solution in your mouth back and forth. After the 60 seconds have elapsed, please upload the video and keep liquid in your mouth. 

LEAD horizon Test-Set
8. filling of sample material

Using the transfer tube (4), spit the rinsing liquid into the sample tube (2) to about 1-2 cm below the rim. 

LEAD Horizon Test-Set
9. packing of sample material

Now please screw the sample tube (2) and seal it with a sealing adhesive (6). Then place the sample tube into the transport tube (5) and close it tightly. 

LEAD Horizon Test-Set
10. place transport tubes in the box

Please put the transport tube (5) into the box. Please dispose of the transfer tube (4) and the remaining saline solution (3). 

LEAD Horizon Home Test Kit
11. seal the package

Before the box is ready for shipment, it must be closed with the second sealing adhesive (6). Please keep your sample number (8) and do not dispose of it. 

WebApp LEAD Horizon
12. verify by email

The app will now ask you to verify yourself using your email address. You will receive a link from us via email. 

LEAD Horizon WebApp
13. personal details & shipping of the sample

After you have opened the link from our email, you will be asked for your personal data. This is because LEAD Horizon is obliged to report to the authorities in case of a positive result. Data protection is very important to us - therefore we store your data for a maximum of 14 days and delete them afterwards. Please bring the package to the post office within 3 hours and return it to the LEAD Horizon laboratory (address on the package).

WebApp LEAD Horizon
14. delivery of the test result within 24 hours

We guarantee a test result within 24 hours. You will receive an email with a link. After clicking you will be asked in our web app to enter your sample number for verification. This will give you access to your result. If you need a certificate, you have the possibility to apply for it directly via the WebApp.