This is how the test set works:



Content of the test set:

Set nummeriert klein
1. mobile phone cradle
2. sample tube
3. saline solution
4. transfer tube
5. transport tubes
6. two sealing adhesives
7. holder for the test tube
8. your personal sample number



Here you can download the instructions for our products:

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LEAD Horizon Basic

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1. open the WebApp (Website)

Open the website link found on your test kit. This website will guide you safely through the process and explain the entire test set. You will need an Internet-enabled smartphone/tablet, laptop or PC with camera. 

2. Verification Step 1

You will now be asked to verify your e-mail address. Please use a working address for this purpose, as we will also send you the notification of receipt of your result via e-mail. Also check your spam folder.

3. Confirm your e-mail address

You have now received e-mail from us! Please open your inbox and confirm the e-mail. Also check your Spam Folder. 

4. Verification part 2: personal data

In order to be able to evaluate your sample, we need your personal data. If you do not have an Austrian social security number, please enter 0000 instead of the 4-digit number. Data protection is a very important issue for us - we treat your data as strictly confidential and delete it after 14 days.

5. Proof of identity

In order to prevent fraud during the sampling, there is a multi-stage verification procedure. In this step, you will be asked to provide photo identification to take a picture of yourself with it. 

6. Take a picture

Please take a photo with your photo ID as described on the website. This serves as proof of identity. 

7. preparing the rinsing process

Please insert the sample tube (2) into the holder provided (7).

Put the saline solution in your mouth and rinse thoroughly for 1 minute with your mouth closed. You will have enough time (you see the countdown in the web app ).

Fill the solution with the transfer tube (4) into the sample tube (2).

Close the sample tube (2) with the red cap and stick one of the two sealing stickers (6) over the closure on the side.

do not complete the recording until you have sealed it.

8. recording of the rinsing process

Now take the content of the saline solution (3) into your mouth & rinse thoroughly with closed mouth for at least one minute. The countdown is shown next to the text. Pour the liquid into the sample tube (2) with the transfer tube (4) to about 1-2 cm below the rim while still ingested. At the end of the video, hold your sample tube (2) with the sample number legibly in the camera. 

9. complete prozess

 At the end of the video, hold your sample tube (2) with the sample number legibly in the camera and end the process.

10. packing the test set

1. Now insert the closed and sealed sample tube (2) into the transport tube (5). Please prescribe the transport tu8be (5) well and give it back in the test set.

2. Discard the saline solution (3) and the transfer tube (4)

3. Keep the slip of paper with your sample number in a safe place and DO NOT send it back.

4. Close the box with the 2nd seal sticker (6) and bring the parcel to the shipping department as soon as possible.


11. Send test set

Please send your well-sealed test kit to the following address:

Lifebrain Labor
Baumgartner Höhe 1 / Hall 17
1140 Vienna
Please write on a white sheet of paper and tape it to the address field on the back of your test kit.

If you want to deliver the test set personally, you can do so from Monday to Sunday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. at this address:

Lifebrain Laboratory Vienna West Frachtenbahnhof
Felberstrasse 3
1150 Vienna

12. Evaluation of your test

As soon as we receive your sample, we need 24 hours to evaluate your result. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as the result is available (please also check your spam folder!). By entering your sample number you have access to your personal result.  This can be

  • positive
  • negative
  • indifferent (in case of wrong sample collection). 

After the result transmission you also have the possibility to purchase a travel certificate in case of a negative result. We are obliged to register your result in the Epidemic Reporting System.

By entering your sample number you then have access to the result. After submission you also have the opportunity to aquire a medical report. Only possible with proof of identity. 

16. delivery of the test result within 1 working day

We guarantee a test result within 1 working day (Monday-Saturday). You will receive an email with a link. After clicking you will be asked to enter your sample number in our web app for verification. This will give you access to your result. If you need a certificate, you have the possibility to apply for it directly via the WebApp.