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With the gargle test, LEAD Horizon has already revolutionized PCR testing. But not everyone manages to keep the saline solution in their mouth for a minute. Especially people with swallowing difficulties or people who cannot or do not want to gargle for other reasons need an alternative to still get a safe and simple PCR test.

With the so-called "Covi Pop Test", the sample is collected with a special swab that is passed back and forth from cheek to cheek in the mouth of the test person. The "Covi Pop Test" also works in conjunction with the tried-and-tested WebApp, thus combining all the advantages of the LEAD Horizon system with the simpler application. Available from fall 2022.


About the test method

The PCR test method is much more reliable than the antigen test, and also offers the possibility of rapid identification of new mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus through sequencing. However, there are individuals who have difficulty gargling, or are afraid to swallow the gargling solution (although it is absolutely safe). LEAD Horizon has addressed these needs by developing the easy-to-use Covi Pop Test.

LEAD Horizon Covi Pop Test Packshot

Easy to use , safe PCR method

Specimen collection is done via a swab in the oral cavity. Under the guidance of the LEAD Horizon WebApp, saliva is collected from the oral cavity for approximately one minute using the small swab stick. The swab is then inserted into the device of the sealing cap and thus placed into the buffer liquid in the sample tube. The sample tube with the swab stick and the pulp with the transport bag are then delivered in the original packaging to the dispensing points.

This simple application ensures that even people who cannot or do not want to gargle can use the test.

Painless & Effortless
Anywhere & Anytime

WebApp guides through the process

As with the successful gargle test, the Covi Pop Test offers the option of using a WebApp as a digital companion through the testing process. After creating a profile once (entering personal data, depositing an official ID document), you can access the WebApp directly by scanning the QR code on the packaging. From there, the user is guided step by step through the test process. Via the WebApp, the user can view his/her personal data including the test history at any time. It is also possible to manage several people of a household via the "Family Account" function.

There is no need to download an application locally, so this essential element of the LEAD Horizon PCR test is always up to date.

No download

Results in direct download

As soon as the result is available, LEAD Horizon users receive an e-mail notification with a link to the WebApp (website). By entering the sample number, users can access the secure area where the result is available.

In addition, you will receive a medical report from the partner laboratory. If the test has been carried out with authentication (camera), this includes a digital certificate for the Green Pass and is thus valid - depending on the current regulation - as an entry test and travel certificate.

Automatic Process
Medical Certificate
Personal Link

Official EU Green Pass Certificate

Users of the LEAD Horizon PCR tests have the possibility to receive the official certificate for the Green Pass through the test. For this purpose, it is not necessary to do more than authenticate yourself at the beginning of the test (confirm stored data) and take some photos during the test process under the guidance of the WebApp with the camera integrated in the end device.

The certificate is valid - depending on the current regulation - as an entrance test for gastronomy, body-related service providers and the like, and also as a travel certificate.

Fraud Prevention
Green Pass Certificate
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