Test Set

About the test procedure

LEAD Horizon uses only the PCR test procedure officially recognised by the authorities, using products from European manufacturers. We have the evaluations of the tests carried out exclusively by laboratories that have participated in the official round robin test and passed it. 

Our concept is based on an innovative procedure developed by LEAD Horizon and verified by our team member, the virologist Prof. Steininger. The latter refrains from a cumbersome and unpleasant nasal swab and relies instead on a throat rinsing fluid. 
This method has proven to be both more pleasant and advantageous for transport. The collection of samples by means of throat rinsing has been recognised and recommended by the WHO. 

Please read here the study about the Performance of self-collected samples for COVID-19 of David M. Goldfarb, Department of Pathology and Laboratory des 20 Medicine, BC Children’s Hospital, Rm 2G5, 4480 Oak Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Where you can perform tests

We offer companies, culture, associations and private persons the possibility to test themselves quickly and easily on COVID-19. For this purpose we have developed a patent pending test set, which you can order directly from us. With an identification procedure we ensure that your identity is confirmed and thus fraud can be prevented. This happens on a WebApp (website) developed by us.

Result delivery via App

How to get the result

After your sample arrives at the laboratory, it takes 1 working day until we deliver the result to your smartphone. As soon as the result is available, you will receive a notification from us by email with a link to the WebApp (website), where you will have to identify yourself again to retrieve the result. 



With our home test kit you can perform the test comfortably and flexibly at any time. Alternatively, you also have the possibility to go to one of our partner institutes to hand in your sample. 


With the officially recognized PCR method we use, we can provide a reliable result. 


Within 1 working day you will receive the result via app on your smartphone simply and clearly - without tedious communication loops.