Gargle to fight the Corona Pandemic.

LEAD Horizon's patented test kit for self-testing for COVID-19 was developed very early in the Corona-pandemic and has seen a smashing success. It has literally revolutionized the way Austrians regard Corona prevention. The unique „gargle test“ (mouthwash) was developed in close collaboration with the widely renowned Austrian virologist and Co-founder of LEAD Horizon, Professor Christoph Steininger. The collection of samples by means of throat rinsing has been recognized and recommended by the WHO. 

LEAD Horizon Gargle Test

Scientific research has confirmed that LEAD Horizon’s unique „gargle test“ (mouth wash test) is highly effective and safe. In a direct head-to-head comparison between a nasal swab and the gargle test, the home sampling kit from LEAD Horizon was demonstrated to provide a robust and reliable procedure to obtain valid PCR samples both at under supervision of a Health Care Professional and during at-home use.

LEAD Horizon Gargle Test

Easy to use Self-Test

The testing process is intuitive and allows all kinds of users to go through it at home. Following a one-off initial registration, testing will require no more than 10 minutes.


Easy to use
WebApp guides through process

WebApp guides through the process

The one feature to distinguish LEAD Horizon's PCR gargle test for at-home use from its peers other is the intuitive, barrier-free* WebApp which guides users through the testing process. The application does not require download to any local environment and works on every internet-ready digital device.

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No download

Results in direct download

Through automatic direct communication between user and laboratory via WebApp there is no need for users to actively go and get their results. Once the laboratory examination of the sample is done, users receive an email with their results.
Automatic Process
Personal Link
Medical Certificate

Recognized by Authorities

LEAD Horizon's patented comprehensive PCR test-kit includes includes a fraud-proof identification system similar to European online banking which verifies the identity of the individual performing the test. Users are required to upload a proof of identity during the initial registration. For each further testing, they can easily fall back on their proof of identity (test needs to be done at least once every 14 days). Users identifying themselves at the beginning of each test will receive a certificate to download into the official EU Green Pass app. The system Data are being collected and stored in a safe and GDPR-conform environment. Approx. 20% of the daily videos are being manually checked by LEAD Horizon's Customer Service Team.

Fraud Prevention
Green Pass Certificate

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"In this current situation, Gurgel Tests helped me a lot. I'm thankful for this possibility, not every country has it. I think, the concept is also good and easy. I got my results within 24h as well. So thank you!"
Cintia Turančíková
Google, Dezember 2021
"Incredible reliability! Highly recommended!"
Maribel Castillo Garrido
Google, Februar 2022
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