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Zahlen, Daten, Fakten

Numbers, data, facts

LEAD Horizon was founded in early 2020 by Prof. Dr. Christoph Steininger and Michael Putz. With around 200 experienced laboratory staff, we can carry out up to 57,000 tests daily. We exclusively use the officially approved PCR method and have developed an innovative gargling method which allows a painless, safe and convenient sample collection. 

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heute.at 22.7.2020

Heute.at, 22.7.2020


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ORF.at, 21.7.2020


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K.at, 21.7.2020


Fellner 29.6.2020

Interview Prof. Dr. Christoph Steininger at Fellner! LIVE, 25.6.2020


APA OTS 05.2020

APA OTS press release, 29. Mai 2020


Handelszeitung.at, 22.07.2020

Handelszeitung.at, 22.7.2020


OÖ Nachrichten, 21.07.2020

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Orf 6.7.2020

ORF.at, 6.7.2020


Krone TV 17.6.2020

Krone TV Interview with Prof. Dr. Steininger, 17.6.2020


Uschi Fellner

Interview with Prof. Dr. Christoph Steininger and Uschi Fellner, 30.4.2020


Willkommen Österreich

Interview with Prof. Dr. Christoph Steininger, Willkommen Österreich, 25.3.2020


tt.com, 21.07.2020

tt.com, 21.7.2020


vienna.at, 21.07.2020

Vienna.at, 21.7.2020


Kronenzeitung 29.6.2020
Kronenzeitung, 29.6.2020 


Fellner 29.5.2020

Interview Prof. Dr. Christoph Steininger at Fellner! LIVE, 29.5.2020


Fellner 3.4.2020

Interview with Prof. Dr. Steininger at Fellner! Live, 30.4.2020


krone TV 11.3.2020

Interview with Prof. Dr. Christoph Steininger, Kronen Zeitung, 11.3.2020



"We still have a rising trend of infections in Austria. There will definitely be a second wave and about 95% of the total population of Austria is not yet immune to the virus. This is enough reason to intensively work on the containment of the virus. With targeted, broad-based testing, this can be achieved."

Prof. Dr. Christoph Steininger, virologist and co-founder of LEAD Horizon

Christoph Steininger