Name of the company:

LEAD Horizon GmbH in Liqu.
Kaerntner Ring 5-7
1010 Vienna, Austria

Managing director:
Mag. Claudia Gessler-Zwickl

business purpose:

  • Manufacture, reprocessing and leasing of medical devices, unless these activities are covered by another regulated trade, and trade in and leasing of medical devices

  • Services in automatic data processing and information technology
  • Development, production, distribution and marketing of solutions to slow down, limit and prevent pandemics and epidemics as well as self-tests for workplace health promotion.

Competent supervisory authority:

Magistrate of the City of Vienna, Magistratisches Bezirksamt for the 6th/7th district

Applicable professional rules:

Industrial Code 1994 (available at

Sales tax identification number:

UID: ATU75564337

Company registration number:

FN: 531630 i

Company register court:

Commercial Court Vienna, Marxergasse 1a, 1030 Vienna, T +43 1 51528

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Operator of the website:

LEAD Horizon GmbH

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